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      • Rosa Clara Group
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        Rosa Clara’s collection of wedding dresses establish the next wave of style for American brides.

      • Anna Georgina
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        This dramatic collection inspired by the beauty of the city of Barcelona is a dream! Aire Barcelona thinks of you, creating gowns full of magic to ensure you’re at your most beautiful on your great day.

      • Aire Barcelona
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        Hand made in Barcelona, Spain, these elegant gowns are fluid and comfortable wedding dresses that draw the figure of an elegant bride.

      • Pronovias Atelier
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        Pronovias is a family firm that began life in El Suizo, a prestigious Barcelona store that specialised in lace, embroidery and high-quality silk fabrics founded by Alberto Palatchi Bienveniste in 1922.

      • Pronovias
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        Born in Tokyo, Japan, Yumi Katsura graduated from Kyoritsu Women’s University with a degree from the Department of Apparel Science Studies.

      • Yumi Katsura
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        Established in 2002, Matthew Christopher has been recognized by three Distinctive Excellence in the Bridal Industry (DEBI) award nominations for “Distinctive Newcomer” and “Dress Design of the Year”.

      • Matthew Christopher
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        Robert Bullock grew up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi giving him his southern roots. At an early age Robert possessed a strong interest in anything fashion related.

      • Robert Bullock
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        These dreamy soft creations are perfect for garden or destination weddings. Light weight and yet so elegant, these designs are timeless and effortlessly comfortable yet exude elegance and celebrate a bride’s curves.

      • Eddy K.
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        The Company Nicole was born in 1996, but the passion for the bridal dress is part of a long family tradition. Designer, Alessandra Rinaudo, founder of the brand along with her husband Carlo Cavallo.

      • Nicole Spose
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        Gemy Maalouf was born and raised in Lebanon, where she grew up surrounded by the colorful materials at her father’s fabric factory.

      • Gemy Maalouf
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        Renowned designer Gill Harvey has brought together her years of experience to create the Eliza Jane Howell Bridal Collection.

      • Eliza Jane Howell
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        Designer Julie Sufi of Belluccio, is a master in beading. Defying the odds of physics she coats her featherweight materials with kilograms of embellishment without compromising the line of the design.

      • Bellucio Haute Couture
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        Israeli Designer Galit Levi always loved fabric and clothing and often sewed outfits for her friends. In fact when she got married in 1994 she wore a pink lace gown of her own design.

      • Galit Levi
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        Designer Elen Paumere carries on a tradition begun by her Grandmother of practicing Old World Couture craftsmanship with fine attention to detail!

      • Religious Couture
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        Many brides have specific religious or cultural requirements for their wedding gowns and for their wedding parties.

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What do you get when a high powered New York corporate attorney, an internationally celebrated marketing executive and a group of supremely talented designers who are all tired of the status quo get together? DESIGNER LOFT!

For the modern bride-to-be, the shopping experience has to satisfy a certain need in a non-patronizing manner. We hate that pressure laden sales pitch approach, we hate the fact that brides are encouraged to lose their individuality and conform to the dictated styles of a few well funded designers! We reject any notion that beauty is only an “idealized” arrangement of physical features! Our brides are intelligent women that want an intelligent approach to make an informed choice about their wedding gown!

Designer Loft Bridal NYC features today’s top and emerging bridal couture designers, including a number whose work is shown exclusively at Designer Loft Bridal boutique. The gowns reflect a variety of tastes, sizes and styles, celebrating the diversity of every Designer Loft bride. Service is what makes us different! Check the attitude and snobbery at the door, this experience is designed with ease and comfort in mind!

Featured extensively in the media, with editorials in top magazines and TV shows from Instyle, Inside Weddings, Glamour, WWD, Lucky, Brides, Manhattan Bride, New York Magazine, Russian Bride, Jewish Week, The New York Times, The Daily News, and Newsday as well as E Entertainment, The WE Network Platinum Weddings, The Apprentice (winners of Season two), A regular on Who’s Wedding is it Anyway, Designer Loft Bridal NYC is a staple for the Industry’s top tier!

Whether we are dressing an A-list celebrity for the red carpet or helping a budget conscious bride (who happens to have great taste) with a gown from our famous “Off the Runway” sample sales, we are committed to providing the best in customer service for all our customers, no matter how big or small the purchase.

We invite you to experience the enormous difference Designer Loft’s bridal shop NYC service can make!



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